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Lost Origins Gallery Presents: Milk Relics

“After nearly two wonderful months exploring punk music of the last 20 years, Lost Origins is starting it's fall programming with exciting local artist Tom Kim. He presents to us the narrative series: Milk Relics.

Milk Relics tells the post-apocalyptic story of our society at the precipice of environmental collapse.

The works in this solo exhibition reflect Tom's experience both working professionally, in illustration and animation, and exhibiting as a Korean American painter. The style and composition are inspired by classical Western oil painting, traditional Eastern imagery, and contemporary illustration.

’This warning series is meant to inspire action through a profoundly playful appreciation of our surroundings and each other. The apocalypse is best served with cookies.’ - Tom Kim”


In the spirit of a DC arts and music alliance, over 20 local DC musicians, poets, and writers will be performing live in conjunction with the exhibition throughout the entire month of September. Musical genres span classical, folk, indie pop, electronic, and acoustic hip hop.



8/31 - SHOW OPENING with live cello performance by Isabelle Posey - RSVP

9/6 - FRIENDS & FAMILY OPENING w/poetry reading by Peyman Allahvirdizadeh 

9/8 - Performance piece: “When the Choir Stops Listening: A Discordant Hymn” by Kate Heller & Minahil Amin - 11am served with cookies & coffee

9/10 - Classical cello solo by Isabelle Posey 

9/13 - music by Rosie Cima and What She Dreamed

9/14 - ARTIST TALK with debut performance by Erik Mendoza on slide guitar

9/16 - Artist interview on 94.3 FM Takoma Radio with The Outside Set

9/18 - DJ vibes by Aloe Deejays  

9/19 - Solo musical performance by Sam D’Agostino

9/20 - Acoustic hip hop by Rzvorboy with a (RAGE)r

9/21 - music by Bal Boheme

9/22 - Keys & violin duo by Brenna Muller & Kelly Servick of Near Northeast

9/24 - Live writing: “Exploring the Creative Feedback Loop: Poetry Inspired by Visual Art” with Courtney Sexton of The Inner Loop

9/25 - music by Jess Taylor of The Blue Rose Band - RSVP

9/26 - “Dairy Downtempo” with DJ Ambendo

9/27 - Hypnotic indie pop music by Lotion Princess - RSVP

9/28 - CLOSING PARTY with Austin Blanton and his amazing boop case